Parents Should Avoid These Mistakes While Applying ToPrivate School

There are many parents who make certain common mistakes while applying for their children’s admission to private schools. Here are some of those frequently committed mistakes so that you can avoid them when applying for your child’s admission.

Starting late

Typically parents need to start their researches on schools and visit the short-listed ones at least one year prior to the application process. Ideally it should be two years before of the student enters a new private school in singapore.

The entire process can be quite daunting since it takes quite some time to do homework on the schools, get your kid prepared for the admission test and ascertain which private schools should be short-listed. Very frequently, when the parents find the peers of their child sending applications to a private school, do they also decide to follow them at the final moment. Such families normally do not enjoy a great outcome.

Selecting a private school, not for the right reasons

There could be a school that enjoys an excellent reputation, it may be tipped as a top school in the locality, friends, and neighbors may send their kids to the school. But all these reasons do not always signify that the institution is the best fit for your kid. As a parent, you need to have a realistic and pragmatic approach about the strengths and area of improvements for your children and what their exact requirements are.

Sending applications for admission to too many schools at a time

There are quite a few parents who do not do adequate homework. Moreover, they may not shortlist the numbers of schools where they intend to apply. Thus, the entire application process becomes difficult to manage. When a parent applies say in 7 to 8 private schools simultaneously, it can drive both the child and the guardian equally crazy. There is a high likelihood that these schools will not be similar and many of them may not be the right fit for a child. So, parents should begin early and do their homework so that they have a manageable list of schools ready to apply to. The list should have the names of three to four schools at the maximum.

Select a school based on extra-curricular activities like sports

As a parent you should remember that your child will go to a Singapore private school to get the best education and not be a specialist in sports or other activities even though dome students are good in sports in their middle school, many of them may not continue with the sport when they enter high school. There are fewer chances that a kid will get a scholarship in college for playing a sport.

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