Let Their Curiosity Turn Into Learning

Children of three or four years of age are innately curious about the world around them. They have learnt to roam around on their own, exploring spaces and handling objects with inquisitiveness. They are at that age where they’ve developed their gross motor skills well enough to run around, kick and throw a ball, and even hop around on one leg. They are also able to use colour pencils and crayons to draw and colour simple pictures. They can name basic objects and communicate using simple sentences. They learnt all of this by being curious and wanting to know about the environment around them. A child at this stage is already undergoing rapid development.

This is the right time to send a child to Singapore preschool. Some may argue that the learning environment provided by the family is enough to provide foundational learning before moving into the formal school system. However, while it is true and accepted that the family plays an important role in a child’s development, the structure and focus that a preschool experience can provide to a child is different from what a family can provide and also very crucial.

In a preschool environment, children may learn from experiences which may not be present in the home environment, such as playing and learning together with other children of similar age. This provides them an environment in which to develop their social skills. Moreover, many working parents have limited time to spend with their young children. In a preschool, focused attention is provided by a teacher.

Nevertheless, learning needs to happen both at home and in the classroom, and both need to be engaging and enjoyable. In Singapore, children in nursery develop their language, communication and creative expression skills and learn about the self and the social through various fun activities. They also learn basic numeracy by learning how to count familiar objects and develop their motor skills. Children are encouraged to learn by playing, because playing lets children explore and interact with the things, space and people around them. This helps them build skills, learn new things and understand the world around them through experimentation. Children at this age have very active imaginations, incredible memory and are very energetic. So, the most must be made of this by providing them with an environment filled with stimuli that encourages their curiosity and enables them to learn.

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