Increasing importance of music in recent times

The modern day stress:

It has been rightly suggested by wise men that if medicines cure the body, music cures the heart. It has been proven through research that even new born babies have sound sleep when they listen to lullabies. What is music? Music is sound and sound is composed of vibrations. A research carried out in the University of Toronto in 2009 proved that sound vibration can be a medicine for Parkinson’s disease.

Modern day life has become so fast that stress has become our constant companion. Stress is now an acute problem of human life. The young people with the huge amount of work pressure fall an easy victim to stress. This is also taking a toll on the body of the human being. The side effects of stress include headaches, rashes, erratic mood swings, indigestion. Also as technology has begun to govern almost all the aspects of our lives we are becoming more and more estranged from our fellow human beings. Loneliness is another big problem of modern day life.

Stress and loneliness more than often lead to depression. People are living highly stressful and lonely lives. This surely affects the human mind in the most negative way possible. The rate of suicide has increased drastically over the past few years. Doctors are trying out different methods by which the human mind can be given some peace.

Healing benefits of music:

As already mentioned music can be healer of the mind. You can always RSVP now to a piano or guitar lesson singapore or a singing class to let music have an inroad to your stressful life. Here are some benefits of music:

Just imagine you have suffered a heart attack or an accident. Your body is unable to cope with the trauma and loss. The communication centres in the brain have stopped to function. Music helps in such situations. It helps the mind to cope and gives the body strength to replenish the loss.

Music is a harmonic healer. Through the vibrations in the body music can improve one’s health in general. Music can fill humans with a feeling of awe. At the Montreal Neurological Institute scientists have found this effect that music can have over the mind.

Music also helps us to express the emotions that we fail to put in words. Scientists have found out that music connects to us through a variety of neural systems.

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