Here’€™s how you can prepare your toddler for the first day of preschool

Once you have decided to admit your child in a pre nursery in Singapore, you have to make plans to prepare him for the first day of his school. The following tips may be useful.

It is better to wake up earlier than usual so you, as well as your kid, need not rush to get ready.

Make a nutritious breakfast and make him eat it. Eat your breakfast along with him so he does not miss this most important meal. If you are going to provide lunch to your kid, pack it and keep it ready. Make sure that the lunch consists of his favorite items. Allow your child to have his favorite toy or blanket so he will not refuse to go to the school. He can take with him a few familiar objects so he will not feel lonely at school.

2. Once you reach the school, do not leave immediately.

Stay back for about 15 or 30 minutes, because it will ease the child’s tension. You can accompany him to the classroom. Remain with him when he starts playing with the toys available in the school and when he starts talking to other children. Once you are certain that he is feeling comfortable, you can leave the place. But, if he appears to take longer for feeling comfortable, stay with him for a little longer. You can ask the teacher to stay with you and the child for some time. This will help him understand that the teacher is another caring person.

3. When you decide to leave, say an appropriate good-bye, but ensure that your tone is upbeat.

If you show your anxiety in your voice, he may start crying and this will make things bad. Say your good-bye quickly and tell your child that he is in a safe place. You can also kiss him good-bye or sing his favorite song along with him while bidding good-bye. Experts say that well-thought-out good-bye routines can comfort children more easily.

4. Resist your temptation to go back to the classroom.

Once you bid good-bye and come out, you should not go back to the classroom, whatever may be the circumstances. Even if he starts crying after you leave, you should not run back to the classroom. It is true your child will feel sad for some time, but if you go back, you will unnecessarily delay the process of his getting comfortable with the new environment. It is better to wait outside until you are certain that everything is going smoothly. If necessary, you can speak to the teacher over the phone after you get back home.

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