Do You Know The Interesting Curriculum A Child Care Center Follows?

The popularity of the child care centers have grown immensely. From metropolitan cities to cosmopolitan cities and now to the high towns, the ratio of working parents is gradually increasing and so are the numbers of child care centers. The upside of the scenario is the child is able to get the same amount of care that is provided by their dear family. Of course, no one can replace the parents! But, for all those parents who are working hard for the well being of kids, these child care centers are a blessing.

How to assure the right method is being followed?

It is obvious that any parent finds it tough to hand over their lovable dear one to a stranger. The hesitations are true, though. How someone can nurture them, help them learn and care for them? But with proper checks into the way they are operating things, they can take a seat back, relaxed and concentrate on their jobs. Many countries, especially business destinations like Singapore, follow a systematic curriculum for an overall development of a child. For the busy parents, Singapore child care centers are a boon.

Check the curriculum

Right curriculum makes right nourishing. Thematic curriculum when designed with integration into the psychology of a child works wonders, say experts. Leave them to explore things, let them fall for they will stand stronger than ever, Restrict them while freeing just like a parent and then happens the magic of moulding clay into the best pieces of art. The reason for developing a great curriculum is it lays a foundation stone to face the life of tomorrow.

What skills are chiseled?

Math is now not a myth –€“ Concentrate on what kind of syllabus is being added to the subjects which are taught. For example, check the math program, what concepts are being emphasized and at which level age group. Is it theoretical? Or activity based? Children see, children learn and children do. What is taught comes out as the product of a child learning. So, teach them numbers and ask them, they skip few in middle. But sing for them and they try to remember. Check for a fun based activity, puzzles and group quizzes. That can increase team spirit.

Literacy –€“ No more a misery – Find out which kind of methodology is being followed to teach literacy. Starting from letters to phonics to words and then comes sentences. Obviously this would be the pattern, but what is the methodology? It should not be limited to activities. When comes to literacy, it should be more of a role play, rhymes, songs, action, skit and lot more.

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