Common Myths about Preschool Debunked

Preschool has been regarded as the base for successful education and also success in adult life. So, it’s important that parents evaluate different preschools on the basis of important factors and select the right one. Whether start going to a pre nursery Singapore or Malaysia, it’s important that you know the facts and don’t make any decision based on the myths you get to hear. So, here we’ve debunked the common myths about preschool.

Myth 1: Preschool is not crucial in the development of a child

If you’ve heard this being said by many, it’s time to realize that it’s nothing more than a myth. Kids who attend a good preschool can gain entry to kindergarten with stronger fundamental math skills, richer vocabularies, and better skills at pre-reading than those who don’t attend.

Myth 2: Preschool is not essential for children with stay-at-home parents

Many stay-at-home or work-from-home parents consider that preschool is not essential as they can easily care for their kid at home. Though, it’s vital not to peg preschool as a babysitting centre. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, your kid can gain from attending preschool by learning several skills that can help him or her succeed in school. Kids will also learn good social skills when communicating with other children in the preschool surroundings.

Myth 3: Preschools don’t teach anything educational to kids; children are only playing

Children learn most effectively through play. As they involve in appropriate games, they learn problem solving skills and develop their gross and fine motor skills required to grow and learn. They also learn how to get along with other people. These are very important aspects in life, which the kids learn through play at preschool.

Myth 4: Preschool lack any set curriculum

If you have been assuming that preschools don’t have any set curriculum and kids simply play in a supervised setting throughout the day, you’re wrong. For instance, reputed preschool or playgroup in Singapore has their own meticulous curriculum, which is adhered to strictly by the instructed just like elementary schools. It’s important that you check this before choosing a preschool for your soon-to-be preschooler.

If you’re considering getting your little one admitted to a preschool, it’s important that you break the myths and get the facts right to make an informed decision. If you happen to decide based on the myths, you’re likely to make the wrong decision.

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