What are some of the popular education franchises in Singapore?

Singapore is a popular spot for opening franchises in the educational sector. Students as well as working people in Singapore are very ambitious and like to continue their studies even after finishing their regular schooling or college and after working hours too.

As an education provider and a franchisee, you will find many franchising in Singapore from the preschool level to the technical level, from private schools to the world’s top universities. People in Singapore agree that children are the future and unless they are provided with a top-notch education they will not be able to contribute to the progress and growth of the Singapore economy.

Singapore produces students who always hold top positions and ranks in subjects like science and mathematics in the world’s top universities and colleges. Opening and running franchises in the education industry in Singapore will bring stable and lucrative profits. Singapore has 1,500 childcare facilities alone in the preschool sector and is looking for more franchises to open up and cater to this area.

Let’s take a look at some popular and successful education franchises in Singapore

Mulberry – this is a preschool that offers a stable and comprehensive program or curriculum for its students and focuses on developing the child’s holistic skills and prepare them for the 21st-century world. Their focus is three-fold – A, S and K. A for attitude, S for skills and K for knowledge. Mulberry uses a multiple-intelligence approach in their teaching techniques and inculcates in all their students a love for learning life long and a positive and healthy attitude towards life.

People Impact – this is another type of educational franchising in Singapore that has been doing exceptionally well. People impact has developed a number of certified programs for children between the ages of 1-18 years in Asia. Brain Impact, Think Impact, and Leader Impact are three subsidiary programs offered by People Impact. These programs help to enhance the soft skills of children such as communication and leadership skills, time and money management skills, linguistic and arithmetic reasoning skills, critical and creative thinking skills and improving self-esteem.

S.A.M – or in other words, seriously addictive mathematics – the perfect preschool program for all the mathematics addicts out there. This math curriculum is for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years and has produced over 30,000 worksheets to help students improve their mathematical abilities. S.A.M also receives corporate and administrative support for their franchise programs.

Importance of nurseries in Singapore


Education is of utmost important. Success or pursuit for success is impossible without education, education is a primary key to success. Every individual wants that their child become successful in life. However, to achieve this success, the only way is through studying. It is the primary duty of the parents to guide the child about what is right and what is wrong. Through the imparting of these moral values the parents make the child inclined towards academics. Activities like quizzes and debate and academic writings like essay and article writing, act as a stone on which one can whet his or her intellect and sharpen his or her academic acumen. Through prolonged practice of such activities, the child becomes proficient in them and this in turn helps them to achieve more success in life.

Singapore is one of the busiest places in Asia. Majority of its population is working in big corporate houses and minting money. Yet they are not satisfied as they are highly competitive and constantly want to better their life by earning more money. Hence they need to be highly educated, as without good education securing a good job and then doing well in it is impossible. Thus in Singapore, in order to keep up with its reputation, the people by default pay a lot of attention to education.

Nurseries in Singapore:

There are some of the best nursery in Singapore. These best nursery in Singapore ensure that the best education is imparted to the children. Thus they are the immediate people to influence the child after parents regarding the value system of life and what is to be done and what is not to be done. They play a very important role in shaping the personality of a child. As children are the future of the nation, mandatory to look into the fact of how their personalities are getting shaped. In this part, nurseries play a crucial role.

Parent always want to give the best to their children. Hence they are always searching for the best nurseries as they are the stepping stones to a successful academic career. These nurseries give assurance to the parents that their child will grow up to be good students. A good student y default would be a successful professional and a good and responsible citizen. Thus these best nurseries give a ray of hope regarding a bright future to both the children and the parents.

What Would a Parent Want in Their Child’s Nursery Curriculum?

Once you as a parent have crossed the first and most difficult step of sending your child to preschool the next few years of nursery and kindergarten become much easier and relaxed. You don’t feel the need to hold onto your child’s hand so tight afraid to let go. Once your child has experienced preschool it is easier to send them off to a nursery where they will pick up from where they left off and learn more and develop their cognitive and intellectual skills further.

Children who go to nursery will range between the ages of 30 months and 4 years and since they’ve already gotten a taste of what preschool is like will be even keener and eager to start learning at the nursery level. At the ages of 3 and 4 children are very expressive and inquisitive and their questions just keep getting bigger and longer!

So make sure that the nursery or kindergarten center you send your little munchkin to has some well equipped, experienced and not to mention patient teachers who will have the appropriate training and qualifications to handle the likes of mischievous and inquisitive 3, 4 and 5-year-olds.

So what should your child ideally be learning in a nursery?

1. Interactive sessions – as much as possible the nursery curriculum must contain as many interactive sessions and activities as possible such as circle time sharing, question and answer sessions, story telling time, show and tell from home, and any other kind of casual chats and conversations to get the children to open up to each other and break the ice.

Remember that children get more introverted as they grow older so it is important that they break out of their shells and develop an open and friendly personality from a young age itself.

2. Art and music – children at this age are very interested in the sights and sounds around them. Bringing out their artistic and musical side by indulging them in fun activities like drawing, painting, coloring, singing, etc. might produce a young child musical prodigy. Nurseries must have activities to enhance the child’s interest and appreciation of music, sound, rhythm and melody.

They should also be made to understand the different colors, shapes, and textures of art and how all these elements can work well together to create something beautiful. Children should be encouraged to play musical instruments as well. These extracurricular activities help improve the child’s creativity, self-confidence, and instills an all round healthy and holistic development.

Common Myths about Preschool Debunked

Preschool has been regarded as the base for successful education and also success in adult life. So, it’s important that parents evaluate different preschools on the basis of important factors and select the right one. Whether start going to a pre nursery Singapore or Malaysia, it’s important that you know the facts and don’t make any decision based on the myths you get to hear. So, here we’ve debunked the common myths about preschool.

Myth 1: Preschool is not crucial in the development of a child

If you’ve heard this being said by many, it’s time to realize that it’s nothing more than a myth. Kids who attend a good preschool can gain entry to kindergarten with stronger fundamental math skills, richer vocabularies, and better skills at pre-reading than those who don’t attend.

Myth 2: Preschool is not essential for children with stay-at-home parents

Many stay-at-home or work-from-home parents consider that preschool is not essential as they can easily care for their kid at home. Though, it’s vital not to peg preschool as a babysitting centre. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, your kid can gain from attending preschool by learning several skills that can help him or her succeed in school. Kids will also learn good social skills when communicating with other children in the preschool surroundings.

Myth 3: Preschools don’t teach anything educational to kids; children are only playing

Children learn most effectively through play. As they involve in appropriate games, they learn problem solving skills and develop their gross and fine motor skills required to grow and learn. They also learn how to get along with other people. These are very important aspects in life, which the kids learn through play at preschool.

Myth 4: Preschool lack any set curriculum

If you have been assuming that preschools don’t have any set curriculum and kids simply play in a supervised setting throughout the day, you’re wrong. For instance, reputed preschool or playgroup in Singapore has their own meticulous curriculum, which is adhered to strictly by the instructed just like elementary schools. It’s important that you check this before choosing a preschool for your soon-to-be preschooler.

If you’re considering getting your little one admitted to a preschool, it’s important that you break the myths and get the facts right to make an informed decision. If you happen to decide based on the myths, you’re likely to make the wrong decision.

Benefits Of Sending Your Children To Playgroup

Each and every child deserves to be love and cared for. They are the most vulnerable human being in this world so they must be nurtured and have proper care. This is why parent would do anything just for them.

Part of the nurturing is loving them and giving them everything that they needed. One of the things that they needed the most is the proper education. This is one of the most necessary things that every child should have. This is the reason why parents would send their children to playgroup Singapore .

Early childhood is the stage where the child would begin to develop his mental, physical and intellectual state. This is one crucial stage in the life of your kids. Sending your kids to these kinds of institutions will give both of you numerous benefits and here are just a few of them.

Improved his intellect. A child who are sent to this kinds of centers will improved his intellectual state at a very early age. It has been proved by a lot of studies that children who attended unto classes like this are wiser compared to those children which were only learning at their own homes. It is because instructors will usually give activities to your kid which could test his different skills.

Development at an early age. In centers like these, teachers would usually let the students play a lot of games, but take note that these are not just simple games. These games actually facilitates learning and this would assess their skills in different aspects. Through it, he will be able to enjoy and develop his intellect and knowledge at the same time.

Learn to socialize. There will also be a lot of kids in the playgroup so your child will definitely meet all of them. If you would send your kid to institutions like this, he will be able to learn the techniques of socialization all by himself. It would also train him and be get used to so many people and in result, he will not be shy anymore.

Increase your network. Enrolling your children in day care centers would actually give benefits also to you. You will meet a lot f parents their and you can share different tips and ideas about disciplining your kids. Who knows some of them might also be your friends in the future time.

Save you from the hassle. It is a fact that parents really do love their kids so much but sometimes, they are also a cause of headache. Having them at home would unable you to finish your work and other chores. But if you send them to these classes, you can freely do your work without any interruption.

Steps to Help You Learn English Faster

English is one of the world’s most widely spoken language. It is the official language to more than 25 percent of the world’s population. Given the rule of the British empire, it has been passed on by several generations into several countries by several people. The knowledge of English seems almost imperative in the world of trade and business considering the world’s largest economies are traded and active in English. This is what makes it a useful skill set to have. Here are some easy steps to help you learn English effectively and quickly at an English course in Singapore .

Stop literal translation

One of the most important things and common mistakes that people make while trying to learn any language is that they try to translate the literal words and meanings into sentence formations as that of their vernacular language, which makes a large difference in sentence structure. You must ensure that you avoid this at all costs.

Look out for patterns

This is a very useful tool while trying to learn English. Keep a ear out for any common patterns and sentence structures in the language being spoken. Once you here a common pattern all you have to do is apply it to your style of speaking, and you will have most of your sentences in place.

Don’t fear mistakes

It is just as important to make mistakes in order to learn. Making mistakes is the best form of learning. You will learn the types of errors to stay away from and understand precisely what not to do the next time around.

Jot it down

It is easy to forget the information that you experience everyday. A very helpful tool is to write down all the important information and keep a visual memory of all the important information. Many studies and surveys have proven that visual memory is far more superior than any other form of memory in any type of learning. This will help you learn a lot quicker.

Keep yourself motivated

It is always useful to go back to your basic enthusiasm for learning a language. Keep a reminder to yourself on what you have to learn and why and how exactly learning English would be extremely helpful for you.

Try new words

When you learn a new word keep practicing it. This applies to sentences and phrases as well. Practice makes perfect is not an unfounded saying.

Learn Spanish faster

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world with majority of the Latin American and European countries speaking it. Hence learning Spanish an only be considered as a positive step as it could give you career prospects and easier traveling experience. You can learn Spanish in Singapore and help improve your repertoire for any future career prospects Although Spanish is a relatively easier language to learn, learning a foreign language is by no means an easy task. In this article we shall look at some of the expert tips on learning Spanish faster.

Finding a partner

In order to learn any language fast, you need to practice what you learn regularly. This is where the importance of having a language partner shows up. You need a native speaker as your partner so that you can practice what you have learned as well as learn the pronunciation with the help of your partner. The usage of the language in real life situation will improve your confidence and improve your vocabulary too. Native speakers can also pinpoint the mistakes you make and help you to improve upon yourself on the spot.


Patience is always a key virtue when it comes to completing any difficult tasks. Learning a language is a complex and tough process, it needs a lot of patience. With patience you can learn the language step by step and deal with the difficulties. Sometimes you may struggle with a certain part of the language, say the grammar. It is important to not get discouraged and continue learning because at the end, it’ll all be worth it.


Consistency and regularity is important to mastering any language. If you are not regularly practicing the language the chances of mastering it dwindles down. Doing the homework and studying regularly is essential to learn any language because it helps you recollect faster. Experts always recommend regular study hours to learn the language fast.

Quality study materials

Another important factor that determines the speed with which you learn a language is the study materials that you use. Depending on the quality of it, your learning speed varies. So make sure that whenever you are buying any material it is good and the latest version. Use audio tapes to improve your ear for the language as listening an getting used to the language can help you grasp the language faster.